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My suggestion still remains.

Zimmerman method that takes the precip from the past week into account.
lets say I want to have 10l of water per week.
If it rained 4l in the last 7 days, watering % is about 1/7th of the remaining 60% irrigation.

My current problem is that on day 1 it rains 10l, on day 2 no rain, but on day 3, the irrigation % will be 100% (if I only take rain into account)
I would like to see more impact of rain in the last couple of days.

I know that I can create my own script, but I think this is something more users can benefit from.

There are also discussions with flow meters and logging to have exact the 10l per week and this is maybe the ultimate goal, but an easy solution between current and ultimate solution would be nice?