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I have 3 open sprinklers in California and none of them seem to be working. 2 of them one on hW 2.1 the other 2 on 2.2. One 2.2 is on FW 2.16(1) and the 2.1 and other 2.2 are on FW 2.1.4. The one with 2.16(1) is showing 0% with a Rain Delay of Sar, 02 Jan 2016 23:34:33. All three if I run the weather diagnostics I get weather data cannot be found for your location. I brought this up to Ray when I noticed it on my 2 units in the fields. So I took my new one in the box and updated it to 2.16(1) and I get the same problem. However the 2 on the 2.1.4 FW they are showing 200% watering time.

Interesting enough, if I click on the weather, tmp and clock on the main page it has all the current forecasts and dusk to dawn. I am not sure what part of California you are in but I am in San Diego, so my water restrictions include no water for 48 hours after a very small amount of rain. I am also limited to 2 days a week, Monday and Friday. My regular shrub heads are limited to 5 minutes max and my rotary/rotor heads are not limited to minutes. So I can only currently use the California restrictions. Yet, I believe Ray said that you cannot select Manual and California restrictions which does not make any sense.

But all in all my units are just not reliable.

So hopefully we can get some help and insight. I certainly am not trying to be Debbie downer, Ray has answer most of my emails promptly, I just have not had the chance to stay on top of it so I have to take some blame. But you are not the only one seeing weird and unexpected results.