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We’ve recently had some issues with the time zone script not returning correct time zone value. The work-around is register for a WUnderground API key (just get the basic level, it’s free), and copy/paste it to the Wunderground Key under Edit Options -> Weathers and Sensors. This will allow the script to use Wunderground API to obtain time zone based on your location, which is more reliable than the free service without using Wunderground key. Let me know if this fixes the issue.

Alternatively, you can manually change the time zone by using buttons. To do so:
– Power off OpenSprinkler. then press and hold push button B3 while powering it back on. Continue holding B3 until the LCD displays ‘Setup Options’.
– Click B3 a few times until you see the ‘Time zone’ option.
– Click B1 or B2 to adjust time zone.
– Finally, press and hold B3 until the controller restarts. At this point the time zone change has been saved.