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Interesting enough my background is hardware and software engineer. When I first bought my first opensource controller it had just hit the 2.1 hardware version. The webgui was very primitive and there was no android app. My hopes for the controller was to roll it out in a large HOA as an affordable weather base controlled device that I could control centrally from my computer. So I started writing control software to do just that. The API was very effective. It was almost complete and then Samer came aboard with Ray, and the controller now had a more robust web gui and android app.

So I busted out my code last night and began to update it to the new api which changed quite a bit since 2.04 but it is almost done. I will be keeping it updated to diagnose my controllers. Samer, contacted me yesterday so I know he is working on the current problem, and hopefully adding the ability to check the alert history from the web gui and android app as well. Both Ray and Samer have something really good here and it really has come a long way in a short period.