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I appreciate your assistance. I hope I don’t have a faulty unit. I’m a software developer and IT professional so I like to think I am a bit more capable than your average joe when it comes to setting up a mostly “plug and play” device. I’ve tried just about everything I could think of. I have even tried doing it all from the API but still to no avail.

If I begin with a freshly reset unit and simply add my wunderground api key and weather station pws key through the http UI, iphone app, or chrome extension, I would hope that it would work. I think I’ve ruled out any local network issues since it is requesting and displaying accurate live information from the wunderground API, and it can also connect and sync with the shared storage. Maybe I have faulty hardware or software. I guess the last thing I could try would be to reinstall the firmware, although mine came factory with the latest version since I just bought it a couple of months ago.

Hopefully Ray can chime in here and get this resolved for me.