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Re: georgetarmitage
I’ve never used WUHU but in a very quick look I see that it has the ability to create web pages. I wonder if you can use this capability to emit a run-once program command with all the zones that you want for 1 minute each and repeat this action in WUHU until the temp is OK.

While it doesn’t help you now I think your usage need provides a good feature suggestion that would useful in other cases.
Suggestion to Ray: Provide the ability to create a program with type ‘Manual’. That type of program allows setting zone run times and additional start times (both fixed and repeating). It has all the attributes to describe what to do when triggered manually. It could be triggered from the API via Run-Once Program by supplying the PID or the Program Name. It could be triggered by the existing UIs in a similar way to Quick Programs.

This capability would be generally useful early or late in the watering season where you could manually kickoff a program when you need it.