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Thanks for the additional information. First, this device is your baby and I think you already realize that it is not like other controllers on the market. It has potential to be greater. It is already better, but greater is what I see.

Now I will be putting some more thought to this, but off the cuff, at minimal in my opinion it should be doing a weather call just before the start of each program regardless if a program is already running. California restrictions would say yes, if it starts raining while watering then the program should be aborted immediately and the water delay should be applied. As for the water percentage with other methods, then I believe that this adjustment would apply to a program before it starts, or applied at the next startup.

As for the TZ change possibility, in any of your tests have you seen this actually happen? If so, maybe there can be a check and balance (error trap) to determine a bad return.

I am not beyond compiling a custom firmware, but I would prefer working with you and Samer directly to make OS an even better or more finished product. I don’t have a problem helping run tests, running test fw etc.

I would also like to see the weather diagnostic button fixed to force a weather call if possible regardless if a program is running or not.

Your suggestion of breaking the lights in to 6 sessions, I suspect that this would mean a possible interruption in lights each time which is not really realistic solution. Maybe you can convince me otherwise.

One last thing, has there been any headway with fixing the 0% watering after a rain delay has expired in CA mode only? I have been having to reset my controllers manually.