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I am actually curious how California is enforcing the watering restriction. In theory it’s just a threshold, but in practice, there must be a central source of weather data somewhere. Otherwise, different locations (and different weather stations for the same location) will report different rain amount, so when talking about the amount of rain, what is the actual point of reference?

Also, since rain accumulates over time, there is the question of whether the program can continue if at the time of starting the rain hasn’t reached the threshold yet, or whether the program must be terminated along the way if the accumulated rain reached the threshold.

The time zone change only happens with day light saving time, so it really only occurs twice a year.

I don’t think breaking the lights into 6 sessions would cause interruptions. If it does, it’s less than a second so in practice you won’t notice it.

I haven’t had time to look into the 0% watering after rain delay issue. This may be due to a bug in the weather script. Just to make sure I understand the condition: is this by using manual rain delay, or the auto rain delay?