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OK, so new year’s may have killed off a few crucial brain cells and now stumped at getting a locally hosted UI successfully up and running on a RPi2 that has been faultless with OpenSprinkler 2.1.6 (1) for the last few months.

Have used the steps from “Use a Different Remote Server for UI Assets document” and latest All seemed to install/configure fine but browsing to http://RP2:8080 just gives me a black screen on Chrome. In developer tools, I see the following errors on the console.

– Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type application/x-gzip: “http://rp2/css/app.cgz” – home.js:58
– Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL – app.jgz:1

Changing back to gets everything working again. Not seeing any errors in /var/logs/apache2. Hoping I’ve just missed something obvious and someone can help get me back on track.

Just for the record the install went as follows:

1) New install of both raspian(wheezy) and OSPi 2.1.6(1) on RP2, all working good and sound over the xmas/new year break.
2) Installed apache with “sudo apt-get install apache2” and added an .htaccess to config the additional file types. No problems browsing default webpage.
3) Copied down UI from the instructions link and copied into /var/www, made all files accessible and did the swap to “http://RP2/js” via the su page.
4) Used Chrome on Win10 box to access http://RP2:8080 hoping to get the UI served up but stuck on black screen and error messages above.

Cheers, Pete