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I began replying and for seem reason i lost it. Very frustrating.

William is right, water you typical lawn is not an issue. When you multiply that in a very public area (69 Acres) it does not bode well have lawns being watered while it is raining especially when we have the tools to do so. As for how CA is enforcing this, well every resident and neighbor along with the city are the ones to police it. The residents here have access to an app for their phones that make it simple to report it with pictures included. The city then follows up with a letter, and then you can in turn get more information. Now we have not seen fines, nor have we had excessive warnings but it is possible. I have a good crew and we monitor the area pretty well. The City is also reasonable as they know leaks happen and they are happy to know that you are on top of it.

It is our due diligence to make every effort to not abuse, so if I can prevent my smart controllers from coming on when its raining I would like to do that. However, when its not raining I need them to function. So I have been monitoring them heavily because we have had enough rain lately to test it.

So to answer your question about the rain delay, I am using the Auto Rain Delay with the rain restrictions. I have set it up for 48 hours. I don’t know what the water percentage drops to 0% because or water restrictions in CA is time based. 5 Minutes for shrubb heads and no limit for Rotor Heads and I am only allowed to water on Monday and Fridays. In any event upon rain, the water delay does kick in as expected, the water percentage drops to 0%. (Not sure why it changes at all) bt after the rain delay expires it remains at 0%.

Now currently I have 4 controllers deployed and I purchased 4 more a couple of weeks ago. Then I came across the weather not pulling a couple of weeks ago when a program was running and also the 0% watering bug. I have download the source code from github and also the Arduino 1.06 software so I could try and make some of my own modifications however, it will not verify and compile with the info and instructions available on github. I am receiving quite a few errors. So maybe you could give me some guidance. I am a little concerned that its been 2 weeks and you have not been able to look at the script and fix it yet. I know that we are right on top of the holidays, but our lawns are suffering as it is. Maybe you could correct this issue soon.

I am very interested in at least removing the weather not checking every hour when a program is running as well. But like I said, I cannot get the code to verify and compile. I do think though the main code should have this corrected. I believe the 2 rare possible problems with the TZ issue is much smaller than the potential of it raining an hour before my sprinklers turn on and my lights are already on. I have no real interested in creating 6 programs to turn my lights off to allow this. Then multiply that by a potential of 45 controllers in the future. Just does not make any real sense.

Anyhow I look forward to your feedback and help.