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I don’t understand the relationship between the ‘weather’/server call and the updating of temp/humidity etc., but temp and humidity are not part the data returned from this call. Interestingly, location is a parameter in the call. This provides a linkage, at least in my experiment, between changing the location and server call failures.

Re: I noticed my eip is always set to 0, could this be a problem?
No, I think it is a consequence of the server call failure. The eip is not needed to make the call, rather it is one of the items returned.

Looking at the code, the ‘weather’/server call returns: sunrise, sunset, external ip, water %, time zone, rain delay. Of these only eip has no other data source. I.e. all the others will have values if the call fails. Additionally the lswc is always filled in at the end of the code that processes the return. Since lwsc and eip are both 0 in your data, I would conclude that the server call has not been successful since the last time the system booted.

I’m getting more familiar with this code, so maybe I’ll piece together a working server call soon.