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Hello Ray,

thank you for answering me !

I am currently an user of IFTTT for the control of a connected thermostat (Netatmo), and I really appreciate the powerness of the IFTTT DO-buttons that allow me to control the thermostat more easily and quickly than with the web UI (or even than smartphone dedicated application), for example to :
– switch to frost guard mode or to away mode (for a preset duration)
– turn the thermostat off
– switch to manual mode (a selected setpoint for a preset duration)
– switch to a selected schedule

These DO-buttons are based on the available Actions (“That” in IFTTT), as defined by Netatmo.

The available Triggers (“IF” in IFTTT) for the Netatmo thermostat are the followings :
– Entering manual mode
– Entering / Exiting away mode
– Entering / Exiting frost guard mode
– Low battery alert

For your information, I have also a Netatmo meteo-station with no IFTTT Actions, but with a lot of Triggers, based on Temperature (Internal or External) value, on Humidity value, on Pressure value, etc… I can then also use these Triggers to control the thermostat using IFTTT recipes…

Finally, I also use IFTTT DO-button capability to control a Wemo connected plug that allows me to switch (On/Off) any electrical appliance (external light for example).

Regarding now the OpenSprinkler system, I think it could be usefull to be able to improve the manual control of the system, for example (this is “my” minimum required actions list, but other Actions can be added) :
– Start a selected program
– Start a selected station for a preset duration
– Stop a running program or station (started either by IFTTT or by OS)
– Switch the wheather adjustment method to Manual (or back to Auto)
– Set % Watering to a preset value

In my opinion, IFTTT should co-exist with OS, that means that the last order received either from IFTTT or from OS must have the priority (as it is the case with the Netatmo thermostat…).

OpenSprinkler Triggers could be :
– Starting / Ending a program (show the Name of the program)
– Starting / Stopping a station (show the Name of the station)
– Rain detected (if a rain sensor is attached)
– Low flow value (if a flow sensor is attached, low limit to be preset)
– …

So, to summarize, what you “just have to do” is :
– create the OpenSprinkler IFTTT Channel (the controller)
– create the OpenSprinkler IFTTT Triggers as described above
– create the Opensprinkler IFTTT Actions as described above
and we will just have to create the IFTTT Recipes…

Please let me know if I have been clear enough 😉

Thanks again, best regards.