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Lots of great information. Thanks Ray and DaveC.

I ran a series of tests from my rpi server (see results below) on the same switch connected to the same router via DHCP, just as my OS device is. I have tried zip,lat/long,city/state,pws as loc settings in the past and nothing has ever returned a successful call for me. Also just to confirm all my DHCP devices have no connectivity issues and I have quite a few scripts running from cron sending and receiving data from my internal servers.

curl “”

This one using zip and my wunderground api key with weather1
curl “*********”

And using my weather station
curl “*********”

And just for good measure I did a weather2 call
curl “*********”

From what I can tell the data being returned seems accurate and in the correct format.

: Is there a way to initiate the firmware weather call and see its results? Is there another way to test that the firmware can reach the outside world properly to prove that it is or isn’t a connectivity or network settings issue? When I test my wunderground API key from the UI does it run it through the firmware or does it just test from the UI? My OS is on DHCP which all my other devices use successfully.

Any further help to try and isolate the issue would be great.