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So I have made a few more modifications to the 2.16 FW. I changed it to check the weather every 15 minutes whether there is a program running or not. I also located the portion of the code that is settings the watering level. I know you said earlier that the problem may be in the script, however, I think it would be best to control that from the code and not the script. So once I retrain myself a little more on the code I will add to the if condition below to detect the uwt settings. If manual or California Restrictions are selected then it should not change the water percentage at all. Similiar != os.options[OPTION_WATER_ . This of course is found in the weather call procedure. However, I have not found the proper option for the uwt values yet.

if (v>=0 && v<=250 && v != os.options[OPTION_WATER_PERCENTAGE]) {
// only save if the value has changed