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Here is what I am going to change the weather call setting to. While I am not well versed in C and I don’t know of a way to compile this and debug it without just uploading hopefully it will work. The 130 represent the valua of uwt when California Settings are selected and I I set it for auto rain delay. I know the represent bits and I am sure this can be implemented for both manual and auto. However this will fulfill my needs for now. Hopefully when you get back from China we can look to implement this in to the main code to fix the bug.

As for the weather calls, I am now receiving them every 15 minutes even if a program is running. I may change this in the future, just figured I would try it out. We are expecting rain wed night so hopefully this will test out.

if (v>=0 && v<=250 && v != os.options[OPTION_WATER_PERCENTAGE] && os.options[OPTION_USE_WEATHER]<>130) {
// only save if the value has changed