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I don’t know why your time gets reset to the future yet, though I’ve been rummaging around in the code to see if I can find some correlation with the data coming from your system.

I do know that the regular server connections (aka weather calls) are failing. I suspect this may related to the problem I’ve seen (described in ) where server calls fail when the “loc” is in the lat,long format.

I think the reason that your offset from GMT is an hour off is a consequence to the server call failure. I’m pretty sure that the DST adjustment comes as feedback from the server call.

Some things to try:
From a browser issue the following and see what responses you get,149.12868,%20Australia

Edit your exported config that has the correct time (the one with “devt”:1452783597):
Change the value in “lwc” from 1501945023 to something less than the current time. 1452783631 should be OK because it’s one of the current times that got yesterday.
Change the string in “loc” from ”-35.28200,149.12868″ to “Canberra,%20Australia”.

Import that config and restart the controller.
Perform the same experiment that you did before.