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@DaveC: the issue with “Error: No weather data found.” when using GPS coords has happened in the past, mainly due to the free weather services we are using sometimes become unavailable or changed their API. You are right that the UI will convert the location into a GPS coord, and hence this can become a common problem. The work-around is to apply for a free Wunderground API key, and provide the key under ‘Edit Options’ -> ‘Weather and Sensors’. This way, the script will use Wunderground API to resolve GPS coord and it has been working fairly reliably. For example:,-104.83635&key=db3bc9dfc8d1bfc2
There is no need to change Weather Algorithm if you don’t want to use weather-based adjustment. The point is that as long as the Wunderground API key is defined, the firmware will send the API along with the query, which directs the script to use Wunderground API.

: I am trying to re-collect my thoughts based on your descriptions. The one really weird thing is your controller gets the correct time zone (tz=20), which means it must have received the weather call correctly at least once. This is because the time zone is part of the result of the weather call, so it can’t possibly change the time zone (the original value upon factory reset is 28) without getting a successful weather call.

The weather call is triggered every time the controller is restarted, or every time you change your location, API key, or weather algorithm. Try to change your location, and the firmware will send out a weather call to obtain the new time zone. If you notice the device time has changed, the ‘Last Successful Weather Call’ should be a valid time stamp. If not, something is strangely wrong and I can’t explain.