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Thanks Ray. Problem turned out to be a couple of bad solder joints on my own wiring shorting out the 2 stations .

Next Problem.

I cannot seem to program the unit to operate any more than one station at the same time.

I have a 16 output which I wish to use to program during a 24 hour period, which means that some stations will be operating at the same point in time.

For example:
sTation 1 start 9.30 am and run for 6 hours

station 4 start 10.20 am and run for 4 hours

station 12 start 1.00 pm and run for 50 minutes

station 8 start 1.30 pm and run for 10 minutes.

I can only get the unit to activate sequentially.That is Station 1 must complete its 6 hours before station 4 starts. This means that station 4 starts at 3.30
and the others cannot run until each station is finished.

How can I set the program up to do what I want it to do?