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Don’t do what I did and delete all your old programs to cater for this 😉

Simply create a new program and call it “CoCT Stage 2”. Then set it to start at sunrise or even at 7am (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). Then divide the allotted hour between all your stations and disable any old programs you had setup. This way switching back around April will be a breeze. (I altered my existing programs, realising too late that it was not required and I had quite a number of programs running independently to give me the flexibility I needed.)

The only thing that I have not enabled is to automatically disable the program when it rained (adequately) the day before. (I think we’re fairly safe until middle March though.) If we do happen to get adequate rain it is easy enough to manually disable the program or OpenSprinkler itself the first thing in the morning or the night before and enable it again when you get back from work.

I know there is a way to use weather predictions, but I have not had the energy to look into how to incorporate predictions. I use and find them the most accurate of all, but even they make adjustments a few hours before the current time. I’m lucky enough that they have a prediction for my neighbourhood but it still does not mean that if they predict 3mm that I will get all of it at my property. So to get this to work accurately, we’ll probably have to amend the code to use predictions in conjunction to a rain sensor and/or on-site rain meter for the lucky ones.