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Hi Zodiac thanks for you response.

I am in error on my “rough” drawing. D1 is drawn the reverse to how it has been fitted.After C1 the current is about 30V DC the Volt reg smooths this to 24V DC.
D2 blocks DC current from lighting LED 1 when power source is from the the manual 24 VDC source.D3 prevents LED 2 from lighting when power source is from open sprinkler.

Open Sprinkler is powered by a separate 240VAC/24VAC transformer.
Conversion to DC take place only on the output side on the Open Sprinkler.

I am not sure about my “common or neutral” connections.

Both the 24VAC source and the 24VDC power sources share the same “common”.
Maybe I should have a blocking diode on AC “Common”, close to the opensprinkler, to stop the negative half wave AC from using the DC “common”??

The circuitry seems to work just fine as far as output to the relays are concerned but I am concerned that by using the same “common” for AC and DC power sources
my be causing a problem somewhere.

As you can probably tell from my ramblings I am a real amateur but would appreciate any advice I can get.

have attached an Amended “Sketch” to adjust for incorrectly shown D1.

Thanks Gerry