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Hi everyone

Dusting off an old post about modifying OpenSprinkler to run on hardware I had laying around – an Arduino Mega 2560, Wiznet 5100 Ethernet and SD Shield, Freetronics LCD, DS1307RTC etc. After 2 years of stable operation on the old code, I’ve decided to upgrade to the latest unified firmware V2.1.6.

The code, libraries and release notes are all now up on Github here ->

You can use the regular Arduino IDE to build it, or even better it works with Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2015 (all the project files are included on GitHub)

This version adds a couple of additional functions:
– one version for WizNet5100 ethernet, and another version for ENC28J60 ethernet
– ability to reboot daily to ensure stable operation
– ability to display free memory on the LCD for debugging
– heartbeat function to say ‘alls well’ – flashes an LED and the ‘:’ on the LCD time at 1Hz
– ability to turn the watchdog timer on or off (refer to your reference documentation as to whether WDT is supported by the bootloader on your Arduino)

If you’re comfortable tinkering in C/C++ then I hope this is helpful for you – otherwise I’d just go buy an Opensprinkler from Ray ?