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Hallo to everybody

Before yesterday I discovered this trhead ,I have spent last 2 weeks triing to port Opensprinkler to ESP 8266, and I have now a version with most of the functions that compile and run……. but I need to debug it…….
To tell you the full story, I started several months ago with the idea of automating my sprinklers unit in my garden: I have now 4 traditional programmers (raybird , irritrol and other ) located in different points in my garden and I allways run from one place to the other to program the units and check that programming time do not overlap. I started a thread on Arduino forum to get suggestions and to discuss best solutions with very little feedback. At the time I discovered the ESP8266 and I understood that was a perfect candidate for my project….. I started to write some software with the idea of a master unit that should have coordinated the other programming units.
A month ago a discovered Opensprinkler that could have been the perfect candidate for my remote slave units and since was based on Arduinos could have been ported to ESP8266. I started downloading and modifiing a version alreay ported to Arduino Mega from Dave1001.
After having ported release 2.0.0 last week I started with last release (much more challenging….) but thanks to previous work I succeded .
Now I have to verify that everything works!!
I am working on a small prototipe unit that use a ESP8266, a DS1307 compatible RCT and an I2c 4*20 LCD and a shif register IC that drive triacs. Since ESP has very few GPIO available every effort need to be done to reduce the one required to the units!
I ready to share my work but I will appreate a little help to make it fully working and to accomplish a few modifications that I need to do…..