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I am trying to follow this conversation and I am sure my question is answered in this thread, but I am a bit dense and need to be hit over the head in a very obvious way to understand electronics.

Can I wire up my 12VDC power (solar/battery) directly to the DC version of OpenSprinkler and its expansion boards to directly power the unit and my 24VAC valves? If so, will it cause any long term problems with any of the electrical components to do so? While I understand 9VDC is optimal, is it necessary?

I currently own the standard AC version of OpenSprinkler and am very happy with its performance. I use it to control my aquaponics greenhouse, but am looking to expand the system to water my raised beds and lawn with my high nitrogen fish water. I have an independent off grid system for powering everything and the only thing I use AC power for is the OpenSprinkler. I would like to eliminate the inverter if possible, but it seems like I would just be replacing that with a 12VDC to 9VDC converter instead.