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Some of the available RTC library are NOT compatible with ESP8266 : some do not compile, some compile but dosn’t run.
You should use the one specified in the readme……
Regarding your boot loop …Fivos is correct if you are using EEPROM on I2C you need to have the RTC board with the EEPROM cip on it!
It should show up at boot …but he saying “no I2c devices found!”.
Otherwise you can specify EEPROM_ESP with a define on pins.h and libsel.h files and the ESP flash will be used as an EEPROM.


I uploaded yesterday a new release of the code.It Is in the branch modAfterUplaod, I changed the name of the .ino to OpenSprinkler_ESP8266_2_1_6!
I have also put all the files in the same directory deleting all “../”.
This code contain several bugs corrections:
now most of the function I have tested works…
(regarding logs ..I believe that the code is correct but there is some problem in the java code that run in the server that I cannot asses and correct)
it may depend on the browser I use….. try and tell me what’s append!
I am doing little changes right now, since I am working now on the new “OpenSprinkler_Master” code I did to you mention earlier:
I have now 3 Opensprinkler boards ( proto 1,2 and 3) to monitor and control ….it is coming out …. a little more time …..!