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Hi, I understand what you mean by ‘virtual station’, or I would call ‘logical station’ here. Basically a logic station can correspond to multiple physical stations. I don’t think we can add this feature any time soon as it will change a lot of things considerably. Here are two options that can be done within the current firmware:

– Option 1: instead of using the built-in ‘master station’ feature, simply think of a master station as a ‘parallel’ station that turns on together with other stations. To make a station parallel, just click on the station at the homepage, and uncheck the ‘sequential’ flag. Then in a program, enable that station for the entire duration of the program. This way, that station will turn on as soon as the program starts, and remain on till the end of the program. And you can associate a different station in a different program.

– Option 2: use the built-in ‘master station’ feature, but every valve will need to occupy two physical station ports. Say, ‘front yard’ station will be simultaneously connected to station 1 and station 2 ports. Then in the UI/app, associate station 1 with master 1, and station 2 with master 2. This way, whether you turn on station 1 or station 2, ‘front yard’ valve always turns on, however, each is associated with a different master. The benefit of this is that it uses the built-in ‘master station’ feature, which means the master on/off delay will all apply automatically. But the downside is that each valve will have to occupy two ports.