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So it took me a while to understand the /cs api call, particularly, when trying to set multiple “special” stations. The easiest approach I found was to break it down into discreet steps. Firstly, set the required stations to be “special” and then configure each of those stations to the desired gpio pin.

As an example, lets say we want to set both S01 and S05 (i.e. sid 0 and 4) to be gpio stations using pins 7 and 8 respectively with active low relays. Then firstly, we use the /cs api call to set the p0 variable to the bitwise OR of the multiple stations i.e you would set p0 = 17 (which is 00010001 in binary) to turn the special flag “on” for sid 0 and 4. You can then follow this with two /cs calls to configure the gpio pins.

So the full sequence of api calls in this example would be:


To ensure that you have things set correctly then you need to call:


Note that I have set “Ignore Password” through the UI, you may need to include your MD5 password hash to the above api calls.

Hope that help,