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Csaba Toth

Excuse me Ray, I am not very familiar with the expressions. I am learning hard.

I have a working Pi2 based Ospi, what was installed by the image dowloaded to an SD card.
But I can’t do the same with a Pi3. I did according to Samer suggested.
Still not succeded.

I try to make it clear:
I have installed the Pi3 Linux, then the Firmware as it was written above.
The http server started once, not any more, since then I can’t access on the appropriate Ip address.

I have a working Pi2 based ospi, what I can access in the same network, when I type the Pi2-ip address of the Pi2-OSPI, a version install description page comes up.

If I try the Pi3-ip address: access denied.
If I run in command line the script, nothing changed.

I think the http server is not running at all.
How can I check, the http server is running? I cant find it in the Task Manager.

I don’t know what files should be in where to launch the server at boot?

How can I cleanup the whole OpenSprinkler and start over again the installation?

OpenSprinker.launch is a file in the Firmware folder, where the auto boot commands are written.
I did according to this, no change.

I know the GUI is not needed. This is why I asked how can I prevent from booting the GUI (after the http server works correctly).