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Csaba Toth

Dear Erik: thanks, this helped a lot.
netstat shows what is in the background (pic).

Now it is working. Probably it has worked all time.
The mistake was, that I was regularly checking only the Ip address, looking for the welcome page, as it was the case on my existing and working Pi2 installation.
But Pi2 was installed by the downloaded image file and that is different as I see.
The Ip:Port address immediately linked to the page.

About disabling the GUI:
I don’t think that disabling the GUI is needed.
As I experienced, the web server is launced before the GUI is started. The boot time of the server is about 30sec, what is acceptable.
About the same boot time is measured on Pi2 installation what has no GUI.

Thanks for the help.

The next questions what I am facing:
How to setup the time from the webpage?
How the RTC is loaded by the right date/time?
As I remember I haven’t done anything at the Pi2 install, and the time is correct. (see pics)
In the Pi3 install it is wrong. Both set to the same timezone and location.

I can set the time in command line, but I think this should work from the page.
Is there a manual what to do?

Is it possible to assign a name to the controller?
Like House A, Cottage B….

In the Edit Options/ Advanced menu there is a device ID.
What is this for?

Thanks for the help.