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No, the pin does not matter at is is huge and has its on pressure sensing variable speed drive.

I have a 24vac power pack running the Open sprinkler unit with 1 expansion module on it.

Currently there is 13 solenoids attached.

Now, let’s turn on 4 solenoids at once…I’m already over the max draw of the power pack as they draw just over 300ma each (they are 2.9w ea).
So if I put a 2amp power pack on it I could then run 6-7 by the power pack but is 2 amps too much to pull through the unit???

With all this in mind if I turn on all 13 bays at once (not likely unless it is like 42 degrees and we just need to keep everything wet) I would be drawing over 4amps, which I probably shouldn’t pull through the unit should I!?!?!? That’s why I though a relay between the unit and the solenoids that would supply them from a larger power pack.

Ambiguous on the right track or should I just put a bigger power pack on the main unit?