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Csaba Toth

1. RTC and real time:
If I connected by Eth cable the real time is real.
If I connected by wifi the link is not settled by the time the NTP is taken during boot and it starts from the last shutdown time.
How can I setup the automatic NTP update in Rpi?
I have inserted in /etc/rc.local: rdate -ns, but it works only by Ethernet connection.
Using wifi it works in command line after booting, and that corrects the real time in the firmware.

To use the RTC:
a. we should have a manual “Time setup menu”: sync to NTP or ENTER the value. This writes the RTC registers to the real value.
Or automatic update of the RTC from NTP some times, when the connection is fine.
b. Then the firmware always should read the RTC for the real time operations.

I would appreciate to read practical solution to have stable real time in the firmware.

2. Where that given name should appear on the screen?