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My OS doesn’t show these outages, just the occasional expected message failures described in a previous post. Maybe it’s useful to look at things that are different in either the OS setup or what might going on in the network that the OS may be reacting to. Here’s some info about my setup:

OS config: Static address, default http port, ntp sync, manual weather adj.
Its connected via wire to a switch along with about 12 other devices. AP (phones, tablets, notebooks), automation controllers, NAS, A/V devices, printer, PC.
It’s a single sub-net with mixture of static, DHCP and DHCP reserved addresses. External access is via VPN (no port forwarding).

I don’t explicitly ping the OS. Communication with OS is periodic polling via the API as described previously.
In the past I’ve monitored the OS’s hourly server calls. Very infrequent failures.

I tried sending some regular pings to the OS to see if caused any message failures. I didn’t do this for very long though long enough for it to overlap with my normal polling cycle. Nothing.

I’m willing to experiment some though I don’t have any suggestions as to what network packets the OS might have an allergic reaction to.
Ray, got any ideas?