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I have a very standard setup with a number of devices connected to a Cisco sg200 switch. I also have a POE switch with a few IP cameras. All on static IPs. I use prtg to monitor the devices, typically pinging each device every 5 min. Prtg can also send http requests but I did not enable that for my OS. I can honestly say that the open sprinkler is my only device that has ever gone offline during normal operation. This includes my cheapo USB/network “print server”. I’ve changed ports and the patch cable, just in case, with no effect.
My goal was to integrate the OS into my homeseer HA system (there is a free plugin available) but it won’t fly with these frequent outages.
Reading through other forum posts tells me this is not an uncommon issue. My guess is that most people don’t run network monitoring tools so they just don’t notice it.