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Over the past year, I’ve tried to participate a few times in this forum to find issues that users have described. In almost all cases the developer has ignored or shutdown that activity. (I realize that it could be just me and that I’m not really being helpful.) In any case, I gave up for a while, but I got sucked back in to this thread because I thought Dominic’s post (May 12, 2016 at 2:35 pm) was off the mark. There might be an issue that would useful to try to address and it wasn’t because the device was under-powered. It might not be a defect in OS, and my data suggests that OS performs quite well in some network environments, but the issue manifests itself in OS behavior. Putting myself in the developer’s shoes (a completely unfair thing for me to do), I would want to address anything that helped to make the embedded network stack more tolerant. I might even want to use it on another project like a thermostat or a garage door opener

Ray’s last post helped me understand why my attempts to participate in the forum have been ineffectual. And Dominic’s last post was a reasonable summary. The developer appears to view this as a hobbyist’s platform. It’s not a product in the normal sense. Both the HW and SW are Open Source. If YOU want to make a product based on it, have at it. OK, I get it now.

I have an OS that works fine in my environment and I’ve successfully integrated it into my home automation environment. I have no need to find a different solution right now, but it was good to be reminded of the environment that I’ve chosen to use and that I should plan for the future.

When Google cut off Rvolv, I thought, this could happen with OS. What happens when Ray moves on and shuts off the cloud connection. The server connection (aka the weather call) is not just for weather info, its integral to the system and is needed to get time zone and DST info. OS will still run, but no weather adjustments, no twice a year DST adjustments, and my OS will silently reboot once day. I understand now that I must either find a new product for the future or modify the Open Source code to free me from this dependency and create an environment that I can depend on. I can do that because its, well, Open Source and because I’m a software developer. But I really don’t want to, I just wanted to help make the better,

Ray’s note also reminded me not to waste my time trying to contribute to solutions. I either have a solution and can provide it or I don’t. The developer isn’t interested in collaboration. Bummer.