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@Domenic: no, you missed one of my important messages. Here is what I said: ‘I suspect the issue may be specific to your particular unit, and maybe to your particular network setup.’ If you submit a support ticket, we are happy to send you a replacement and see if it’s a problem with your particular unit.

@DaveC: it’s not because I don’t want to address this issues, it’s because we don’t have the resources needed to delve into these issues. Coming from academia, I am keen to treat the issues as research problems and get them solved as completely as we can. But this particular issue about network is something that I can’t figure out, other than blaming the underpowered hardware or maybe hardware defects with some specific units. If I had found the issue I would certainly try to address it right away. The fact is that both Samer and I have a daytime job, and we have limited amount of time to work on this project. Making it open-source basically allows a small team like us to develop a useful product, where the users with sufficient skills can give us feedback, make suggestions, and even help us improve the code. I am sorry if this sounds disappointing and that we don’t have a full-blown testing team to perform thorough testing before the product is released. This is just the way how a small team works.

Regarding collaborations, it’s the same thing: we have only limited amount of time to work on collaborative projects. We receive requests every week about extending certain features of the product, customizing the product etc. The thing is we need to protect our own times and avoid making promises that we can’t keep. If users can help us diagnose problems and propose solutions, that’s great; if not, you can beat us all you want, but we only have this much throughput. I am sorry about the situation.