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“Used the GPS coords that are stored in the dat file to test (as well as manual) in stead of just zip code – same results.” –> just to make sure I understand what you meant by ‘same results’: I assume you were directly calling the weather script by providing the location, Wunderground API key, and your device password. So by ‘same results’ you mean the returned watering percentage is different from 100% (which is what your OpenSprinkler is showing). Or did you mean that using ‘GPS coords’ and ‘zip code’ result in the same watering percentage? The important thing to verify is whether the watering percentage showing on your OpenSprinkler is consistent with the direct weather script call. If not, it’s often due to either the difference in location (GPS coords vs. zip code) or it’s because the controller did not get weather call result correctly (check the last successful weather call time stamp).