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Thanks Ray, that’s handy to know but doesn’t solve another issue. Using the buttons in the unit is a real pain because I’ve installed it on the side of my fodder unit in a weather proof housing with a screwed clear front. Originally I thought that would be fine since all settings can be done with the little wifi AP I installed but it never occurred to me that I might need to run a program ad hoc regularly. There is a bunch of stuff installed in this housing so I’m not changing it. If it’s deemed an unworthy feature to request I’ll probably just power that circuit in parallel with a switch. I only run that program immediately after filling the trays with barley seed to give them a starts so it’s no big deal.

Be a handy feature though, ideally I’d like to be able to run any program easily so I can check all the sprinkler are ok and not clogged etc. I don’t carry a mobile because I need to pressure wash the trays after feeding out and I don’t want the phone getting as wet as I do.