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Please see comments below.

On 6/1/16 4:30 PM, OpenSprinkler wrote:
> Peter wrote:
> @kabbak, my Zimmerman method is working on 2.1.6. Would you be willing to post your zimmerman option settings and the Weather Underground station’s pws ? Happy to check to see if I get the same results.

> A couple of quick questions:
> 1) Can you tell us the exact version number of the firmware i.e. 2.1.6 (1) or 2.1.6 (2).

2.1.6 (1).

> 2) When you say “the adjustment method options don’t seem to accept my changes” do you mean one of the following: 1) you change the options, press submit and then restart OpenSprinkler but the changes have not been remembered, 2) that changing the settings is remembered but seems to have no impact on the watering % or
> 3) there are options in the UI that you cant edit e.g. baseline temp/rain/humidity.Also true for me.

I can’t edit the baseline values . They’re greyed out and at: 70, 0, 30%.

My experience is that the “adjustment method options” (AMO) panel’s submit button gives no feedback that pressing it has done anything. Reentering that panel WITHOUT clicking submit at top right of screen doesn’t show any change in values I changed in the panel. However, IF I click submit in panel AND top right, the values change and DO affect watering percentage. Reentering the AMO panel now shows my changes.
AMO options of 30,100,35 only get me to around 77% watering.
So, IMHO, the AMO panel needs to allow me to change the baseline (grayed out) values, show all value changes when AMO panel submit button is clicked and the confusion with “submit” in top right corner addressed somehow. Maybe changed to “Save changes”

I’m trying to adjust the baseline behavior (OFFSET) so I get about 100% watering for my typical situation and then tune the options (GAIN) to adjust the sensitivity to weather changes.

Also FWIW, I find the two menu icons confusing. Three bars at top left and box of 9 dots at bottom right. How about just one with submenus or two at top left, or more descriptive icons or ….

I hope this helps.
Thanks for your help!

FYI, I’m using firefox 46.