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OK. so the new version of the App exposes the new Zimmerman baseline feature hence you can see the fields for baseline temp/rain/humidity. However, to make use of this feature you also need the latest version of firmware 2.1.6 (2). Since you have firmware 2.1.6 (1), the App has “grey’ed out” the fields as your firmware version does not support the new feature parameters.

So if you want to make use of the zimmerman baseline – this is essential for me as I’m in a very high humidity location – then you will need to update the firmware using the instructions on the support page (Update Guide)

If I were coding this feature again, I might have kept the fields hidden until both the new App and the new Firmware were both running rather than “teasing” a new feature that causes some end-user confusion. Sorry about that and I’ll take the knowledge on-board for next time.