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When I wrote the script I had no direct interaction with anything on the controller, other than sending the program update to it. To stop for rain, high wind, or freezing it would set all the starttime values to -1. This would effectively say “we need to run ‘x’ amount, but not now because of precip, wind or temp.” I would occasionally run into a situation where the ET would be just less than required to run the program when forecast precip was factored in, and cause the exact scenario you are seeing. In the long run it won’t cause any problems simply because it would subtract a small fraction of a mm from the result of the mmfromlogs, typically resulting in about a second or less difference in run times, which is lost by the granularity of the OS anyway.

I ran for a full season and saw about 3 seconds of water time lost, due to what I assume are rounding issues in python. To be honest though I’m not sure why it is writing anything to the logs if it is less than the minRunmm value…unless maybe you have it set to 0 which I never tested.

I’ll attach the most recent version I have of that script, I’m not sure if you are using the same one, maybe I changed something without making notes to myself. You’ll need to edit the lines with “YOUR” in them to get it working, or I suppose a simple comparison should work.

I’m also getting the code cleaned up and doing a bit of testing on the modified firmware which means I should have a replacement for this workaround in easy to use form soon.