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Did a fresh install using your OSPi image. Left it on Wheezy. Manually entered the config entries instead of import. Weather diagnostics has a nice fresh couple of dates in it after configuring it to use my location, WUNDERGROUND key and turning on Zimmerman method BUT by manually calculating the Zimmerman method it is significantly below 100% but still the watering percentage remains at 100%.

Next up – spanning the port and providing you a wireshark capture showing the server request and response.

Not sure what else I need to do to reinforce that this isnt user error.

Also – the guide uses an off the shelf WPA_Supplicant advice but that doesnt make the WIFI aggressive reconnect. WICD-CURSES (lazy hate nano’ing/vi all over the place) might be the best package to include in your image since its menuing will hit the middle of your audience.

*****update – turned off Zimmerman – set to rain delay – turned back on Zimmerman and now calculating as Zimmerman predicts. Will let this bake for awhile BUT gonna have to assume that from the initial image I setup whenever the Unified firmware came out to now that an artifact caused this issue and the new image does not carry that forward.