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I tried connecting the OpenSprikler DC with a 12V 2 amp transformer I picked up. I connected my 12VDC 4.8 submersible pump to station 1 and set it to run for 5 seconds as a test. Pump didn’t run. I hooked up my voltmeter to station 2 and ran it for 5 seconds. It registered -20VDC. I then reversed the polarity of the pump and it did run, but I didn’t want to go longer than 5 seconds. I checked it with the voltmeter with a run of 90 seconds. The voltage starts at 20V and then decreases steadily to about 9V by the end of the run. I’m guessing this is the normal behavior to make it run with the solenoid valves, but I don’t know if this will work with using the timer to keep the pond pump on to fill my flood and drain hydroponic system (needs to be on for 75 to 90 seconds at 12V. I don’t know how the pump will react to the voltage ramp. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.