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Alright, I have the same thing happening again right now, here’s what is visibly happening.
I request logs as normal, and the ui sits there with the spinning circle which has brief pauses every second or so. This will continue for about 1min before it times out and says there was an error and to refresh. On the OS itself as soon as I make the request to see logs it will reboot, and continues to reboot until the request for logs has timed out.
I can request /jl for the same time period and I get the same result, however, using /jl with hist=0 returns correctly. I started expanding the time frame out and when I reached hist=3, it immediately reboot and returned an empty dataset []. Prior to today it was able to return 22 days (the full log history) without error, so I don’t think it is a memory issue. The 22 days is inclusive of the skipped day this previously occurred.

I’ll leave it in this condition, so that you can request any tests you’d like to have performed. It is not currently writing any new logs, which is of little concern, as the unit is performing all other functions correctly.

With a couple sets of eyeballs put together, maybe we can figure this out. I don’t have much in the way of test equipment, but will do anything I can to help. If you want I could send the unit to you, but that would have to wait till the end of the season as currently I do not have a backup.

I am using HW2.1 with the ET firmware available on github, please note this problem was exactly the same with version 2.1.6. So that may help narrow down where in the firmware a problem exists, as the changed areas do not alter the outcome.

Thanks in advance,