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I’ve another strange behaviour with logs.

I have an installed OS 2.3 DC with FW 2.1.6 (2) in my garden.

The OS is connected to a FritzBox Router. The router is connected via Mobile Internet USB Stick to the internet.
Everything is working fine and weather can be received and run times will be adjusted.

The router has a wireless lan created to have local access to the OS inside the garden.
And the router is connected via VPN (which will be opened from garden router because of non public ip address) to another FritzBox Router.

So at home I can look what happens in the garden and can do everything with the app or web browser to control OS.

But it is not possible to receive the logs from remote. Always getting:

– Error retrieving log data. Please refresh to try again.

Is this a vpn caused issue?

When I’m inside the gardens wireless lan logs are shown.

Maybe there are some hints to solve this?