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Have you tried resetting the pi, or at least the sprinkler portion of it? If you have…you may need to run a manual program today if you need water. I think I forgot to point the pi version to the right script for weather :(. I’ll get it fixed, but I can’t do it while at work.

Sorry for making a tester out of you, but I don’t have a pi. First, try emailing me your location. Just so I can make sure everything is behaving properly with the script. Or go to WU, put in the location you want to use, and then copy the GPS coordinates to the location on the OS. You should see a change with the first weather call.

Second is checking to see if the program has ET checked, as well as use weather. Both are needed.

My address is Shawn +at+ veuphoria $dot$ com.

Do you use the CA restriction? Make sure you have evapotranspiration, selected as you weather option, no others will work, unless you change the script option /su back to

You can try making a manual call to it will send a string back to your browser. It looks like code but is just the results for et0 and et1 and a couple other things all mashed together.