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I was configuring my OSPi today and came across this thread.

The RPi 3 MB is configured, the power on the OSPi board has been checked and I’ve assembled everything. I was going to swap out my current RainBird controller for my OSPi tomorrow, using the power supply I bought when I purchased my OSPi.

Should I use the RainBird power supply, instead? The output is rated at 25.5 VAC 1A.

If not, how should the RPi 3 MB be powered on its own if it already accepts power from the OSPi?

[Update: I found the answer buried in another thread. (]

I currently only run one zone at a time, so I’m going to connect it as configured and see how it works. If it becomes problematic, I’d rather switch to a Zero than attempting to remove the PTC fuse.