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Bought Open Sprinkler earlier this year and builder finally got the front yard put in, LOVE IT!
I had the app work once on my Nokia 521 at home and then I set up NOIP so I could access from off my network.
Ever since I accessed from work in a browser the app opens and closes (same issue as described by attiliahooper above). I didn’t think it was related but didn’t ever find time to look into it further.

My phone died so I pulled out my spare, another 521 (bought 3 of them brand new for $100) and after charging it up and running it through all its updates and letting it run in a stable condition for a couple weeks I decided to install the app. Same issue. It opens and closes.

Decided to try it on my laptop and it won’t connect to the IP and when it scans my network it doesn’t find the Open Sprinkler either.
The Web GUI works fine on the IP I assigned to it so it does work and I can mange it (and more importantly the Mrs. can) so this is not a huge deal but I’d like to get it working.