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Thank you so much Archprlest; I actually bought the OSPi but on my board it says v1.43+ and I did not find the hardware files for it, I guess it is not open hardware anymore. There are some differences between your parts list and the board I have one of them being above the “COM” connection, the other one is the crystal on your list is a through hole component but a surface mounted one is needed Could any of you help me choose from here? I also circled a resistor with the markings “3R3”, Does anyone have a digi-key part number for it?
Also there is an IC on the parts list SN74HC595NSR but on my OSPi board it is marked as HC595AG just want to make sure that it’s ok to use the one on the list.

I made the “Part Number” on the pdf a link if anyone can please just double check it to see if those parts will work I will appreciate it.

how do I get the beer to you Archprlest?