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We measure the water level with a simple soil moisture sensor for raspberry pi, so from this point on we think we have to do just programming.

Our first idea was to install a cronjop on the raspberry to check every x time the soil moisture sensor and use the opensprinkler api with a phyton script to switch the master from station (well o raintank) to station (city water).
But we like to have a control switch in the mobile app or web app of open sprinkler to choose in which program we like to use the sensor. We have already installed the js web in our own server.
We think that we can use the rain sensor function (unified firmware file main.cpp line 334 ff) to add inside this function also the check of the well-sensor( if this function is called before and during the programs ? )
But we are cc beginners so if you can give us a tip how to add the new var binary for the sensor and where it could be best integrated in the script.

Best Regards