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Hi, thanks for posting. See below for answers:

(Question 1) Power break: currently the firmware cannot resume the program run if there is a power break. There are two work-arounds to address this issue: one option is to make use of the ‘repeating start time’ feature and break a program into multiple shorter sessions. For example, instead of watering for 30 minutes all together, break it into 5 minutes and repeating 5 times. So the total run time is the same, but this way, even if there is a power break, you at most lose a 5-minute session and the remaining sessions will still run. Another option is to simply add a UPS (uninterrupted power source) that allows the controller to continue running across power break.

(Question 2) Win10 and Chrome: the app is designed to refresh automatically every few seconds, so not seeing update after a while is not normal. We will investigate this issue. If you have a mobile phone, I suggest you also try to download and install the OpenSprinkler mobile app and see if that works better.

(Question 3) Replacing background color: we haven’t thought about it. Good suggestion. I think reducing the window size can help reducing the amount of background color you see (keep in mind that although the web app runs fine in a browser, it is primarily designed for mobile platforms, so reducing the window size can better simulate a mobile platform).

(Question 4) there is no dedicated ‘go to homepage’ button. Generally you can use the ‘back’ button to navigate back, but I can see how if you have navigated among many other pages it can take many clicks to go back to the homepage. I will discuss with Samer about possibly adding a home button in the popup menu.