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Hey @skyynet,

hmm, i have to check this at my pebble. But i cant find my charging cable… :/ i have to order a new one. give me some days.

to your questions:

at the settingspage:
1. the device name is uninportant, this is just for the headline of the welcome page in the pebble app.
2. if you dont enter a port, it is default port 80. The default OpenSprinkler Port is 80. If you have a custom Port, you need to enter this after the IP ( or URL (
You can setup a IP or a link. Check the Ip or link in a browser.
3. the settingspage convert you password into a md5 hash and send this to the pebble. enter your normal password.

I made the pebble app for the version 2.1.4. Maybe there is a change in the API. Did you have a “Loading” or “Loading.” or “Loading..” or a “Loading…”?
The dots indicats the API request. 😉